Dear David,
“We thought you would be pleased to know our three gabbehs cleared customs on the 16th – duty was only $33US as you predicted. They are indeed what we ordered and arrived in good condition. Thank you for your kind attention to this order and shipment.”

Nancy & Roger Campbell, Hallowell, USA
Export Customers

”I am sure that you won’t remember us, my wife and I spent a very pleasant hour or two in your shop during a visit several years ago. We continue to purchase rugs. Most of them are old, tribal rugs, but we are also interested in newer rugs that have good patterns, dyes and quality. We have not found a very good source for such rugs, and even after this many years, we have not seen the quality of rugs at a good price and with interesting designs such as we saw in your shop.”

Steve and Carol Weber, Pittsburgh, USA
Export Customers

”Eleanor and I are thrilled with the impact of the Yalemeh rug you found for us. The size is exactly right, the colouring more perfect than we hoped for. It sits on the first floor landing and, when all the bedroom doors are open, creates the most perfect link with the carpeting and rugs in those rooms. Your interpretive skills are excellent- thanks for tracking down such an excellent answer to our needs.”

Duncan Reeves, Helensburgh, Scotland

”We have had years of enjoyment from a very fine Khorasan Qashq’ai rug purchased from Mr Bellak. We valued his knowledge, skill and perseverance in helping us to make the choice”

Philip and Hilda Shimmin, Inverness

“Thank you again very much for all the help in selecting our several rugs we found with you. I would strongly recommend anyone to go to contact you. We had looked around and found your variety of rugs really amazing. The prices seemed fair. The service was first class. Tremendous patience was shown and expert help given.”

Mr and Mrs Gordon, Edinburgh

“The carpets David found for us were clearly high calibre at very reasonable prices and unlike any others we’d seen. We’ve put one in the dental surgery waiting room which has brought the whole room to life. Highly recommended as an excellent, knowledgeable source of rugs and carpets, and full of stories.”

James Brown, Dental Surgeon, Edinburgh

“After exhaustive effort, David found a most beautiful very large carpet for our drawing room, absolutely perfect size & at a price substantially lower than anything we had seen in our shopping. Very helpful, thoroughly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Highly recommended!”

Dr and Mrs C Cooper, Edinburgh

“We were delighted with the personal service which you provided and with the quality of the carpet which you sold to us.”

Sheriff A Stewart and Mrs Stewart, Dundee